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Assignment:-2 Velocity and Acceleration Diagram & Cam and Cam Profile


Velocity and Acceleration Diagram & Cam and Cam Profile

Que.1 With neat sketch explain the Klien’s construction to find out the velocity of various links of slider crank chain.
Que.2 For a four bar mechnismABCD,AD=3.5m is a fixed link.driving link AB=0.5m,driven link CD=1.5m,link BC=3m and angle BAD=60⁰.link AB rotates in clockwise direction at 20 rpm.determine,(1) angular velocity of link BC(2) linear velocity of point E lying on link BC at 2.25m from B.
Que.3 Draw the profile of the cam to give the following motion to knife edge follower:
Follower moves outward with S.H.M. during 1200 of cam rotation. Rests for 600 of cam rotation. Returns with uniform acceleration and retardation during 1200 cam rotation. Dwells for remaining 600 of cam rotation. Minimum reading of cam is 50mm. The maximum lift of follower is 40 mm, cam rotates in clockwise direction and line of stroke passes through the cam shaft centre.

Que.4  Explain working of Cam
Que.5 Explain types of Cam and Follower with neat sketches.
Que.6 Explain following term a.Dwell b.Lift c.Pressure angle d.Base circle.
Que.7 Give Relation between Linear velocity and angular velocity and linear acceleration and angular acceleration.