What are the properties of good cutting tool material? Discuss.

Draw a neat sketch of single point cutting tool and show various angles

State the advantages and disadvantages of discontinuous chip

Differentiate oblique cutting and orthogonal cutting.

Differentiate between planer and shaper

Draw a block diagram of shaper machine and label its main parts

Name different methods of indexing. Explain direct indexing.

Give classification of milling cutters.

Explain up milling and down milling.

Explain with neat sketch Hydraulic quick return mechanism.

Differentiate between capstan and turret lathe

Write short note on tool wear.

Define Machining process

Enlist drilling machine operations and Explain counter boring.

What is indexing ? Explain plain indexing method

Describe taper turning by swiveling the compound rest.

Draw block diagram of radial drilling machine. Name the main parts.

Write short note on Steady Rest.

List milling operations and Explain gang milling.

Give the classification of milling machine.

Draw a block diagram of a slotting machine.

Write short note: chip breaker.

Give the specification of a lathe machine.

Give the specification of a shaper machine.

Define Tool life.

What is multi point cutting tool ? Give any two name.

Definition of “Indenxing”.

List out the cutting tool material.

What is Automates?

Explain Forming and Generating

State the various types of chips and Explain any one.

Give the application & properties of cutting fluid.

Define Cutting Speed , Feed , Depth of cut with reference to lathe.

What is MRR ? Give Different parameter affected on it.

List the tool holding devices used on Drilling machine

Difference between capstan and turret lathe

Explain direct indexing method.

Draw and explain of Quick Return Mechanism of shaper

Explain Need & importance of manufacturing processes in industries.

Explain radial drilling machine with neat sketch

Classify and Define basic machine tools

Explain single point cutting tool geometry with sketch.

Explain twist drill geometry with sketch.

Explain in brief “Up milling” and “Down milling” process.

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